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Charity eCards For Any Occasion

Welcome to the fundraising eCard shop for our reforestation charity, The Word Forest Organisation.

When you send our eCards, you’re helping plant urgently needed trees in Kenya. That’s great, but you probably don’t realise your kind contribution is doing so much more.

For example, the commodities from the forests are helping feed the communities who are planting the trees. What’s more, they’re actually lifting them out of poverty too. The education provided to our women’s empowerment group, has certainly made a huge difference to their lives. They are becoming more self-sustainable. Not only can they now read, write and do maths, but they’ve learned permaculture too.

We’re seeing the most compelling evidence of positive impacts, not just to individual families, but across the community. That makes you an especially important supporter of our work every time you send one of our eCards.

The cards are blank inside and you have 250 characters to write a personalised message to the recipient. That’s probably enough for you to declare your unending love or perhaps just promise to meet up for a sandwich and a coffee sometime soon.

Have fun!

The Team